Find all the details here! There are 3 payment plans that can be mixed and matched over the course of the program.  There is also the option to extend the payments over 6 or 8 months if that helps. No problem, just let me know!


If you know the plan you want to stick with then pay with the blue buttons below. You can always upgrade to another payment plan that is more but you cannot downgrade the plan with this option here. That means if you want to do 1 One to One session and might want to do 2 One to Ones two of the months then pay for Committed to Transform and top up the additional plans with me the months you want to add it when you decide. 

Transformational Warrior

$33.02 USD per month


Includes exclusive access to the videos and private FB group for continuous support. 

Committed to Transform  

$78.02 USD per month


With this plan, you get more personal support from me. I will spend an hour with you over Skype or Facetime to help ensure you are on the right track to transformation each month. It's vital to your journey to ensure that you are doing poses correctly to avoid injury and to get the most out of this journey to true transformation. I'm happy to help with additional strengthening exercises and any other support you may need to get you to exactly where you want to be. This plan includes exclusive access to the videos and private FB group for continuous support PLUS one hour-long private session that can be broken up into 2 half hour sessions.  ALSO includes 1 First Friday (yoga nidra & deep relaxation details here


£55.95 if you aren't local & can't attend.


Yoga nidra can be attended in January or February. You don’t have to pay this cost each month and can be used in conjunction with any other package the other months. 

Relaxed & Ready to Transform 

$145.66 USD per month


Are you really ready for what's to come?! This is for those that are committed to a true transformation by the spring. And I'm ready to support you every step of the way. Includes all of the above, plus an additional one to one session (so that's 2 one hour one to one sessions per month guiding you and helping you to get to on track to where you want to be in 4 months.)



A choice between a reserved space at every First Friday – mindful movement and yoga nidra. This relaxation is so important because when our minds are calm we can notice the limiting beliefs and make true changes to the mind and body. The One to One sessions can either be 2 one hour sessions or 4 half hour customized sessions over the course of the program.




One 40-minute call each month to discuss mindfulness practices and healthy lifestyle tips to help you on the journey.