One to One Sessions & Private Sessions


I help people to live better by teaching how to find the inner calm, being better able to focus and helping people get through the ups and downs whether that's through advancing your yoga practice, mindfulness & meditation, qigong & mindful movement or singing bowl treatments.


I teach one to one and small group sessions for various reasons. Some people are anxious to join a group yoga class and want to improve their yoga practice. Others want to learn mindfulness and meditation to change the negative thought patterns and live a more calm life where they are less emotionally reactive. Many parents contact me to help them work with their children to deal with anxieties, being more confident and better able to find coping skills that help them to get through the ups and downs of life.


Classes will be catered based on your interests and needs. We will discuss what you want to accomplish and agree on a number of sessions that it will take to get you there.



I've done yoga before hen do's, mindfulness & meditation groups in the garden, yoga & mindfulness for private groups in the home as a party for friends before champagne and food,) yoga for beginners, yoga for lower back pain, pretty much anything you can imagine!  


This makes for great partnering yoga activities, beautiful bonding experiences, lots of laughter and fun.


Private tuition starts at £45/hour. 


Availability may changes week to week so please enquire. Saturdays also an option dependent on availability.