Five Must Watch TED Talks About Yoga!!

I love TEDtalks and to be honest I've spent countless - and I mean countless - hours listening...while I cook, while cleaning the house, vacuuming with headphones, long drives when I traveled for work each day.

1. If you haven't heard of this absolute brilliant lady, you must watch this today. Men, women, people of all ages - this Texan storyteller is changing the world.

2. How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains

I'll let you in on a little secret that I haven't admitted to anyone until now.

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy and I've been working literally from before the sun rises till I fall asleep at my laptop. Little balance and my meditation practice has gone by the wayside. I have reasons! Right, that's fine, isn't it!!?


It's all come back to bite me in the @$$

I'm working on setting up my new business, launch several online courses, was "mentally away" (though physically here) for a week long virtual Mindfulness Summit. You might be thinking "who the hell cares..that's the secret?! You didn't meditate as often. Big deal"

This does matter. It matters for you and I'll tell you why!

It was as if I thought I'd accomplished enough and wouldn't be affected by slacking a little bit over a short period of time. Like no one would notice.

Boy, was I wrong.

I first noticed that something was off when I started to get short with my daughter when she refused to stop bouncing around the house and banging on every surface she could find. 6-year old stuck in the house for 2 rainy days and I'm annoyed?! Idiotic. Well that's part of it. I'm no longer one of those Moms that flips or screams when their kids are being normal kids.

Later that night after a late yoga class I came home starving and couldn't wait to see what my husband bought for me for dinner. And guess what.

Nothing. He bought like 4 inedible things from Aldi and I flipped. (Who the hell goes to Aldi, waits in long lines and doesn't buy lots of food????!! My husband does.)

There's more to the story technically, but whatever! In the moment, I flipped. Not the screaming psycho flipping out but the oh-wow-I'm-actually-mad-about-this-and-I'm-still-gonna-be-mad-about-this-anyway-because-I-already-got-mad sorta mad.

That's the worst kind of mad. Mad for the sake of being mad. Mad because un-madding yourself is hard when you realise that you are an idiot. The anger felt totally justified and acceptable because after all, it was his fault.

False. It was me who had the problem. I was angry and if I let someone disturb my peaceful flow every time something goes differently than I want it to, I'm in for a long & miserable life.

The Meditating-Me would have made a joke and said "thanks so much for not thinking of me when that bouncing 6-year old was driving you nuts in a shop." But no, I had lost my sensor, my somatic intelligence sensor.

THAT'S the difference with meditation. You don't even care about trivial crap because you feel GREAT!

You can argue with this in a million different ways but science proves that people are just happier because your brain changes time and time again.

If you aren't feeling happy more often than not and you don't have a meditation practice, well you should probably start. It's in the research.

I teach Meditation and Mindfulness to families with young children to large companies like John Lewis & Partners and Mayflower Theatre. If you are looking for small group or 1:2:1 sessions, I have spaces opening up beginning in mid-June. Contact me. Learn why it's so important here from amazing Sara Lazar.

3. Find your truest potential. I seriously love this video.

"What we hide from the world binds us." (Now I feel free that I told you my secret above!)

Realise your potential and the beauty that is you.

4. The most inspiring yogi right here!

5. What stories are you telling yourself? This is HUGELY important because it defines how you see the world. How you see your life depends on what you choose to see.

Enjoy these videos. I'd love to hear what you think so message me!