First, are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, too busy, anxious? Well then you are exactly the type of person that needs to carve out 10 minutes of the day.


Second, because it's free and proven to make you feel less stressed!!


With modern day problems that are apart of all of our lives, everyone could benefit from living more mindfully. Children are learning mindfulness in primary schools. More companies are bringing in wellness programs because people from all walks of life are suffering. 


We struggle to regulate our emotions and spend too much time worrying about things we can't change and/or things that are in the future that might not even happen.


It's more common than not nowadays to struggle with depression, panic attacks, anger issues, eating disorders and emotional eating, issues with addiction - the list goes on. We are often forgetful because there is so much going on. Text messages to reply to, emails, etc etc. Then on top of it all, people experience negative self talk which results in limiting beliefs that - after years - they believe to be true. Chronic illnesses such as back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Neuroscience has finally caught up and there are endless studies to prove that meditation heals. Yoga heals.


I'll tell you a quick story...New York City, Spring of 2008 - Sitting in my apartment, I decided to meditate. For the first time ever. Had no idea what to do but from what I understood every smart and successful CEO, celebrity, etc was meditating. Wanting to be smarter and more successful, this is the logical next step. At the time I was in a long term relationship that should have ended years earlier. I was getting my Masters Degree on the weekends while working full time. I was tired, really tired. I had a nerve disorder which now looking back it was probably stress that I wasn't acknowledging because I was to busy to think about it. So busy. Who isn't busy!?


I tried to meditate many times and thought I was doing it wrong. I couldn't 'quiet my mind.' (You aren't supposed to be able to by the way, we need the chatter.)


Ok, taxis buzzing down the street, horns beeping, basketballs bouncing and bouncing on the court outside. I got in the comfortable position and sat there. And wondered how long I sat for. Checked my phone - 3 minutes. WHAT?! 3?! I had planned for 15. Now 10 years later and it's a whole new world. 

Mediation heals. Yoga heals. The evidence exists.


Looking back, I'm not sure what I expected when I was meditating...that when I was done I would be completely stress-free?!


It's a process. And if it isn't frustrating and difficult at first, then you aren't doing it right! Nothing worth it comes easy. You wouldn't expect to be a great footballer without practicing football, would you?! Well if it's scientifically proven to reduce stress then why wouldn't you try it?


Once you get used to the practice - and make it a daily habit - your life will change too. Through mindful movement, meditation, qigong, and yoga you can take back control of your life by recognizing how you feel when you are feeling it. You can be the change you are looking for. I can help you to see that what seems very difficult really isn't when you try different methods to see what works best for you. It's not being selfish to focus on your wellness. Learn the practices. Wake up 15 minutes earlier every day and be the change you are waiting for. It won't kill you. After a short time of regular practice you will know exactly what I mean. (Actually wake up 23 minutes earlier because it's scientifically proven that after 20 minutes of meditation our brains release seratonin. That's MUCH better than a morning coffee!)


Nothing truly worth it in life comes easy. There's no secret in that. And if you want to read the evidence behind it, here are many studies!




Here's what people are saying about the mindfulness & meditation classes:


Bridget's classes are structured and the methodology very easy to follow and understand.  I leave the class feeling refreshed and calm.  It is easy to apply to everyday life.  I cannot clear my mind completely, but with practice, I hope to master it.  Bridget offers other forms of meditation to suit each individual.  Learning how to breathe has been a great help in difficult situations.  Thank you and look forward to learning a lot more from you.

     -D. Sepala, Bishopstoke



I had heard about mindfulness before but I didn't know how it could help me so I was curious to take a course. I didn't realise that mindfulness would help so much with my anxiety and depression. Now I look at life differently and realise that I do have control of how I think and feel. I highly recommend taking courses with Bridget.

-P, Cooper, Winchester




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April 28, 2018 we began a year long journey...to see how our lives change when we live each day more mindfully.


Approaching life with more appreciation and gratitude, taking time to do things more slowly and live less busy. Please follow the journey on Instagram to show your support. Could be as simple as taking a walk in the park, preparing a meal - not in a rush(!) or doing a craft mindfully.


Tag us @Zenyogawithbridget I'd love to see! Let's get this movement growing even further than it already is! From career coaches in Vegas to Mental Health Charities in the midwest of the US, people are taking notice at what we are doing.