Why Bring Yoga into the Workplace?

Bringing yoga and mindfulness into the workplace shows your employees that, as an organization, their well being matters. For the organization, there is a clear ROI. Yoga and mindfulness encourage more positive working relationships, improve morale, decrease turnover because employees feel more valued which can reduce the time for recruitment and training. As a former manager of large teams, having healthy and mindful employees is invaluable - there is less downtime due to illness, less missed opportunities and more productive attitudes which makes the company more profitable.


Classes are created to cover all levels of yoga and will be customized to suit the needs of your organization. They are commonly offered either as a way to kickstart the morning, at lunchtime, or to help with the post-lunch 'slump' in energy.




Q: Do employees need experience to participate?

A: Not at all. Yoga classes are suitable for all levels and customized to meet the needs of your employees. Each pose has at least 3 adaptions so everyone can participate at their own level. There are many misconceptions that people need to be fit and/or flexible to do yoga. False!

I teach yoga to people from age 6 - 86, some can only practice in a chair and others have various disabilities. Yoga is beneficial for every person. 

Q: What is needed for a workplace yoga class?
A: A suitable room, large enough for the number of participants, that's is fairly quiet. Participants should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.

Q: Will everyone need a yoga mat

A:  Yes, everyone will need a mat for yoga and most companies have employees bring their own. 


Q: How often should we offer classes?

A: Companies usually begin with once a week and add more as needed. Programs typically run for a minimum of eight weeks. 

Q: How do we book!?
A: Please get in touch by phone 07789061933 or message me on the contact page. 


Q. What does it cost?

A. Companies choose one of these options for group yoga classes:

       Full subsidy: Employer offers the classes free of charge to the employee 
       Partial subsidy: Class fees are shared by employee and employer

      Employees pay the cost for the session per individual


"With a small understanding of yoga and mindfulness I went in to the sessions with Bridget looking to increase these further. Originally it was for personal reasons with the view that if I better myself that will be reflected within my work. However, I just couldn’t wait to share the practices and ideas with my colleagues. The shared process of growth and self awareness is exciting and having the support and input of others makes it so much more fulfilling. The particular techniques we learnt really help our clientele to engage in relaxation and become more aware of the here and now, a tool that’s really undervalued in our current society. Our working day is flexible and at any given opportunity we try to incorporate mindfulness. Whether that be when we are walking somewhere, tasting something we have made or purely sitting for 5 minutes with a particular focus in mind. The flexibility of mindfulness allows it to fit the working day and be aimed at the emotional feel of the group at the time. It’s a tool and a thought process that we will never leave behind."


     Emma Cooper, Equinable 

'We would like to thank Bridget for visiting the Mayflower Theatre and giving our employees an insight of what mindfulness is and how we can incorporate in our day to day lives. It was great having the chance to practice some techniques too. On behalf of the employees at Mayflower Theatre, thank you!’


     Connie Brighton, Mayflower Theatre Southampton