Zen Yoga with Bridget 

Singing Bowl Treatment

Himalayan Singing Bowls are known for their remarkable and powerful sounds, which hover in the air long after they are played. Sound Therapy with singing bowls has been used for healing and other simple day to day activities pre-dating Buddhist times. The lingering hum from singing bowls is invigorating and calming. Something you have to experience to understand. Of course as time goes on, reproductions of ancient singing bowls is all too common so you must ask where where the bowls originate and only buy them from someone reputable. 

Over the Christmas holidays we take our annual trip to visit my Singing Bowl guru, who has become a great friend to our family. It's like a kid in a candy shop. We practice different types of treatments and test out endless singing bowls. 

People find it difficult to describe the experience. If you think of listening to a concert on a radio or watching it on TV, it's not as moving as being at the concert. Experiencing a Singing Bowl Treatment is unlike anything else. It's relatively new to the west so until you have tried it, it's difficult to understand how powerful the singing bowls can be. During a short relaxation period (savasana) in Zen Yoga classes I use the singing bowls so come along to hear what it's like. If you are unsure of a Singing Bowl Treatment (it's quite new to the West!) there are several ways that you can get introduced. I'd highly recommend attending a Sound Bath and some are better than others. I often combine Singing Bowl Treatments with a 60 minute yoga & mindfulness meditation private session. 

A bit lower you will find a short clip that will help you understand how sound and vibrations influence your body.

How do the Himalayan Bowls work?

Our bodies consist of over 70% of water. Water is a natural conductor, and sound is carried 5 times as quickly in water than in air. The sound penetrates your physical body, soothing and healing which must be experienced to be to understood. The sounds that the bowls create will help you to relax deeply; many feel it's a powerful meditative experience. It's scientifically proven that after meditating for 20 minutes your body releases seratonin, which is responsible for making us feel happy. Who can say no to that?! 

Physical Benefits

  • Stress reduction, lowers heart rate due to calming effects

  • Many feel it aids in reducing physical pain. This can be due to the proven benefits of meditation such as the ability to then identify a physical pain as only a sensation and to not let the anxiety of chronic pain to take over. 

  • Deep muscle relaxation

  • Regulates blood pressure

  • Has been known to help people improve quality of sleep

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits

  • Calms the busy mind

  • As meditation & yoga aid in being present, singing bowl treatments encourage emotional regulation. The body and mind are focusing on the present and not what happened in the past or what the future might bring. 

  • There are endless studies of how meditation can change the brain. Singing bowl treatments are an addition to the meditation process so have all the same benefits.

This very special singing bowl from China works by rubbing the 2 handles which of course, are not visible in this photo! It is very clear to see how powerful the vibrations are as they travel through water. This singing bowl has such a deep, rich sound almost like a didgeridoo

TEDTalks! If you don't already know about TEDTalks, to put it simply they are speeches about 'ideas worth spreading.' If you suffer from stress or anxiety, sound therapy is for you. And this TEDTalk tells you why. Watch this.

To demonstrate how sound affects water, like the singing bowl sound vibrations would affect out body made of 70% water, check out this amazing video below. Everything owes it's existence to sound... energy.