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5 Steps to Mindful Living

5 Steps to Mindful Living


Responsibilities, commitments, things you wish you did - or wish you never said, plans for the future - all this can lead to your mind going and going with no way to slow it down. Repeating thoughts and replaying situations in your mind, anxieties and the downward spirals of thoughts that our minds can so easily slip into.


This is all too common and it doesn't have to be this way! There are simple steps that, with practice, you can begin to feel lighter, get better sleep, feel less anxious, and feel more relaxed. When you have the space to breathe life becomes easier, thoughts are more clear and you will be better able to notice when the repetitive thoughts start to happen. Life will always have ups and downs - that we cannot change. What we can do is change how we react. 



Imagine a new normal where you give yourself time before reacting.

You have space to think and act purposefully rather than acting out of habit.



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Building the Body You LOVE

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Taking you from just getting by to getting the best out of life

I’m inviting you into my home to talk practically - and to be real - about how you can make these changes now and make them last forever. When you live with your mind so overwhelmed, forgetting things, feeling unworthy, worrying a lot, not sleeping well, and just not coping well, your job is affected, the important relationships you have...and pretty much everything else.


Take back control so when things seem out of control, you have the coping strategies already in place. After these two months you will look at your life from a different perspective and from a place of positivity. Looking at life from a different perspective helps you to see why you are worthy of living a better life.


Being alive means having obstacles. But truly living is being able to move through life more confident in your decisions knowing you can handle anything that life throws at you.

This program is a mix of 2 small group sessions (7-8 people) in person at my house in Eastleigh, dates below. And also 2 Live Q&A (online face-to-face group) calls one week after each in-person session to discuss progress, difficulties and questions to ensure your success.

Saturday, April 6th Session @ my house in Eastleigh 1-4pm

Friday, April 12th Live Q&A Call, log in 8-9pm

Saturday, May 4th Session @ my house in Eastleigh 1-4pm

Friday, May 18th Live Q&A Call, log in 8-9pm

**Virtual attendance is available if you are not local! You will be able to attend the in-person sessions via Zoom so you’re involved in the full conversations as if you are here! Please contact me to discuss& book.

15% discount for Class Pass Holders & BTBYL Program

If you need to split the payment over two months, that can be arranged.