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Begins June 17th

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You notice too many negative thought patterns whether it's overanalyzing situations, telling yourself you aren't worth it or comparing yourself to others. 

You feel completely STUCK in life and don't know where to begin - stuck in your relationships, your career, finances, and spiritual or emotional development.

You can hear yourself saying things that you know are from a place that's negative but don't know where to begin because you doubt your ability to change it.

Your levels of anxiety and stress are just growing and growing which leaves you feeling completely drained.

You see yourself procrastinating and engaging in self-sabotage and even when you try to change your habits, it just never works.

You are struggling with how to go forward and worry that it's affecting the relationships in your life. 






The path you're on leads to burn out, exhaustion, a breakdown in your relationships and it affects your work. Life ends up seeming more and more difficult each day with nowhere to get a break. No end in sight unless something massive happens.

You just want to start fresh and to reset everything. 

Maybe you are already there.

Relationship instability, your work is affected, you're finding difficulty getting a handle on your thoughts and emotions. 

Here is your chance to take control. There must be a part of you that knows you are in critical need of self-care but that just seems impossible to fit in with so many other things that need your energy.




From the outside it seemed like I had it all together, managing the UK division for an American design firm, traveling weekly, a husband and 4 amazing kids.  Inside I was in need of help.


Everything seemed to be piling on top of me and I had no idea where to turn. I was worrying about most things, had trouble sleeping each day and this went on for 7 years because I just adjusted...chronic stress became chronic back pain and what I was used to. 

For many reasons, I felt like I had to keep going at that rate. Daily I wondered what was going to be the thing that caused all this to just stop.

Something had to give. And I didn't realise that there was a clear way forward.


Because it takes a lot less time in a day than you think it does to discover what YOU truly want. To make decisions and to feel like you are living with calm. You have the tools within you to live this way already. It's about giving you the guidance over this 10-month program to help you go through to next year where you want to be. 

What You'll Gain in this Program

Thought patterns shifting to finding abundance rather than deficits

Learning to love yourself again where you see wins rather than the losses

Taming the downward spiral of thoughts and replaying situations so your mind can function more focused and be productive

Dropping the facade you've created out of necessity and confidently get help when you need it

Awakening the energy you have to really feel authentically you and having the tools to re-charge your inner battery when you need it most.

Start your days feeling invigorated where you are brave enough to stand up confidently and tackle what life throws at you.


Learn the Number ONE tool to tackle anxiety. 


Elisabeth, NY, NY

Working with Bridget means that I'm better able to think positively about my day, the choices I have, which foods I eat and I believe in my ability to do so. I spent my adult years living from a place of fear and I didn't even see this. Now I choose love. Loving myself means putting myself first and my children are better for it. Thank you Bridget!


Richard, Eastleigh, UK

I've suffered from depression and chronic pain over the years but struggled in silence, or so I thought. Having met Bridget at a local event my wife convinced me to try private sessions. Once my children started seeing a difference in my moods I realized this is changing my life for the better. My GP says I've become healthier than I was in years because I'm moving around better and I see life to be much more positive.