"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."


Hi! I'm Bridget.


Through zen yoga, qigong, mindful movement, and mindfulness I can teach you how to live less stressed and to find a sense of calm in your mind and body.  When we create more space in our minds, we are better able to observe the negative self-talk and over-analyzing of situations to live better.


We all do it. Thought patterns that we know aren't great, things that we want to change but don't always know where to start. Through the zen traditions of yoga and mindfulness I work with people to help them look at things from a new angle whether it's starting from the basics in a new yoga practice, going further in their practice or teaching mindfulness tools to find more balance in their emotions, improving relationships. 



It's about finding a new approach to living that creates a more fulfilling life.



 Using mindful movement and taking the time to listen to the body we are able to use mindfulness techniques to tune in to our true nature. Just because the practice is slowed down compared to vinyasa or ashtanga doesn't mean it's not a challenge. What it does mean is that with so many options and adaptions, it's suitable for all levels. 



I help people to recognize these patterns, combining mindfulness with movement, bringing about awareness and connection in the mind and body. You will leave a session feeling energised, stretched, and stronger.


Zen Yoga is especially great for beginners because there are so many adaptions to poses that you won't feel like you can't keep up. Classes are kept small which makes for a calming and relaxed environment where I can get around to offer help if you need it.




"I never knew I was a yoga person! I first attended the Pints and Poses session more out of support for a friend than anything else. However, I found, to my surprise, that thoroughly enjoyed the session. Bridget delivers the sessions in an easy to understand, amusing and down to earth way. Having had such a good time, I decided to give one of her classes a go and I haven't stopped! I have a bad back (and a dodgy leg 😁) but thanks to Bridget's in depth knowledge and understanding, and my continued attendance, this is improving (I may even get to run again!). All this, and a relaxation session to boot! I'm enjoying it so much, I'm about to start a workshop. Thank you Bridget, it looks like I may be a yoga person after all!

    -Barbara Proctor, Eastleigh



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Why is yoga so great for us?!




By breathing better (learn how here!) & bringing in movement we encourage more balance in the body and mind. This helps us be more calm which means we don't go into fight or flight as quickly or as often (with practice!) Yoga, mindfulness and meditation are proven to help with:



- chronic illnesses like ME & fibromyalgia

- headaches 

- stress, anxiety, & depression

- improving emotional regulation

- lowering blood pressure     

- reducing chronic back pain by increasing core muscle & back strength 

- improving mobility

- increasing flexibility

- improving your balance!

- improving quality of sleep and improves REM sleep

- helps with eating more mindfully